Presenting the world’s most 
delicious hangover cures

‘Hangover Helper’ is Lauren Shockey’s cookbook featuring the finest global recipes to soothe the morning after a boozy night. Hardie Grant Books commissioned us to design a playful and engaging feel for the book, which is aimed at the gifting market.

Publishing: Art Direction + Design + Commissioning Illustration + Digital

Keeping it playful

To establish a fun and engaging feel from the outset, our cover design features embossed type sandwiched between two breakfast buns, with spot UV egg yolks and gold foil representing melted cheese. Playful typography features throughout the book, and each recipe was graded by how difficult it is to make with a hangover, which we illustrated with playful icons of hands holding headache pills.

Commissioning bright and bold illustration

Aiming to lift the readers’ hungover spirits, we commissioned illustrator Sophie Melissa to create bold and colourful artwork for each recipe, along with a series of vibrant chapter openers.

Creating spot illustrations in-house

To work alongside Sophie’s work, our in-house team created a range of spot illustrations relating to a range of themes, which we peppered throughout the book.

Promoting the launch

We also designed and built a new website to promote Lauren’s book and provide an engaging showcase for her other books and articles.

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