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At Studio Noel we help people, whether they're start-ups, established businesses or global brands, to realise their true potential. For our team, this is seen in our culture, where everyone’s development is supported and valued. For our clients, it means we put strategy at the heart of our process to help them achieve the success they need and drive sustainable change.

We work with businesses who operate with the passion, care, and commitment we put into our own work. As a design agency, we don't compromise on our desire to have a positive influence, so we only work with brands who show integrity towards their impact on the world and their goals for the future.

Michelle Noel, Strategy Director

Our Team

Studio Noel's team is made up of talented thinkers, exceptional creatives, and a trusted network of experts. We enjoy long-standing relationships with our clients, showcasing the proven success our experienced team has generated through their collaborations. We pride ourselves in creating a meaningful difference for our clients, and by offering expertise in business strategy, graphic design and brand activation we are able to transform their brand design, accelerate growth and revenue.


Our strategists look at how your brand can respond to a dynamic world where people regularly transform their habits. This insight inspires the development of your unique brand strategy, messaging, and brand positioning, and helps you to connect with and understand your audience on a deeper level for sustainable growth.


Our team of designers create memorable brand identities that express your business's big ideas, as well as crafting creative graphic design and web design, and unique brand experiences that challenge the norm and create positive change.

Our network of experts

We have spent years sourcing the finest collaborators to develop a creative agency that can adapt to the needs of every project. We're proud to work with a wide network of trusted collaborators, including illustrators, social media consultants, photographers, copywriters, product design and digital marketing specialists, all of them experts in their field.

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Our Values

Moving forward, together

When we lift each other up, everyone makes progress. Whoever we collaborate with, we love being the catalyst that helps them become their best selves.

Tell it like it is

We’re always honest and upfront. And, because we’re approachable and straight-talking, people know they can rely on us for sound advice.

Dig deeper

Inspiration begins with insight. Before we start creating, we first work hard to discover everything we can.

Create better

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing brilliantly. Whatever the task, we give our creative problem solving the care and attention it deserves.

No half measures

We’re here to make an impact, and we’re totally committed to making amazing things happen.

Mutual respect

We always treat our collaborators with the utmost respect, paying them promptly and fairly, and valuing their contributions. Similarly, when you invest in our skills and expertise, we ask for a pitch fee.

Who we've helped

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