orkney islands council

Shaping positive futures 
for foster children

Having previously developed a successful campaign for the Shetland Islands Council, we were commissioned by their counterparts at the Orkney Islands Council to create a three-year campaign to recruit foster carers within the islands. The campaign needed to reinforce the positive impact of fostering children of all ages, whilst also tackling some of the misconceptions about fostering.

Campaign + Illustration + Copywriting

Making it culturally relevant

We designed a series of eye-catching and playful posters, combining photography and illustration to highlight the effects of fostering on children’s futures. As well as tapping into children’s fertile imaginations the campaign also referenced Orkney’s unique culture, from its coastal influences to its more obscure local traditions. Bright, colourful and highly relevant to the audience, the campaign captured the children’s dreams with infectious positivity and optimism.

Reflecting children 
of all ages

From babies and toddlers right through to teenagers, children of all ages need foster carers. So our campaign featured a range of kids right through the age groups, to help reveal the true scope of fostering.

Spreading the word through social media

In a remote community like the Orkneys, social media is a crucial channel. We extended the campaign across social media platforms, 
with imaginative posts that successfully engaged with potential foster carers from across the islands.

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