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Increase your brands reach

How we can help you

Making sure your brand is accessible is about making sure that everyone can access and enjoy the content that you put out as a company in the fullest way possible. It’s about finding those barriers to entry and breaking them down. It’s ensuring that having a disability or access need won’t restrict you from interacting with a brand. Our brand accessibility program helps you to easily embed accessibility into your brand and team. By partnering with us, you're not only enhancing your brand's accessibility but also aligning your organisation with a more inclusive and forward-thinking future.

What does making your brand accessible involve?

It doesn't mean starting from scratch on your branding, it's about making the necessary adjustments to make it more accessible. Through a comprehensive accessibility audit, we pinpoint the areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations. We empower and educate teams on the importance of accessibility and practical steps for implementation via workshops and team training. Finally, updating brand guidelines to keep your standards current, integrating accessibility to ensure everyone can easily follow best practices.

How can accessibility positively impact your brand or organisation

Increase your brands reach

Around 20% of the population have a disability. That’s potentially 1 in 5 of your intended audience. Making your brand more accessible is a solid business decision to increase your reach.

Better connect with your audience

Social responsibility is essential for brands, people are becoming increasingly more value-driven. 82% of consumers want a brand’s values to align with their own - Consumer Goods. It’s about acting on your values as a business.

Everyone can be positively impacted by more accessible design

Almost everyone will either temporarily or permanently experience disability at some point in their lives. We consume content in different situations - accessibility is not always about disabilities

Increase your revenue

82% of customers with access needs would spend more if websites were more accessible – The Clickaway Pound report.

Increase the reach of your PDFs

Often PDFs are forgotten when it comes to accessibility. It's important that these are accessible and can be read by screen readers. The vast majority, 75.1% of respondents [to a webAIM research study on screen reader usage] indicate that PDF documents are very or somewhat likely to pose significant accessibility issues - WebAIM.

Widen your audience

Making your brand and content more accessible will only increase your reach across your target audience. As populations age, accessible design will become more critical. The older population in the UK is projected to grow, with people aged 65+ making up 24% of the population by 2043 - The House of Commons Library.

When is the right time to address your brands accessibility?

Improving your accessibility is about starting a journey. Making the first positive steps towards being more accessible. The average business has been working towards accessibility for 2-3 years. Starting to put into practice some accessibility processes and checks will ensure your brand isn’t left behind.

What is included

+ Stakeholder engagement
+ Accessibility audit
+ Accessibility workshops
+ Brand development
+ Brand guideline updates
+ Accessibility team training
+ Accessible templates
+ Accessible PDFs

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle to help expand the brand toolkit for Digital Catapult. Michelle and the team at Studio Noel were really supportive in educating and effectively ensuring we were able to represent our brand in an accessible way. Michelle created a visually impactful design system with lots of flex, without going away from our core brand. An excellent communicator, stakeholder manager and creative strategist!

Digital Catapult

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