Step-by-Step Guide to Merging Two Brands Seamlessly

Disney and Pixar. ​​Kraft Foods and Heinz. Some of today’s biggest brands have come together - AKA merged - to create global...


Owning Your Narrative: The Key to Brand Success

Storytelling. As human’s we’ve done this for centuries, crafting narratives that convey, connect and create. So, it should come as no surprise...


The What And How Of Building A Unique Brand Visual Identity

In a visually saturated world, crafting a unique brand visual identity has become more crucial than ever before. It's not enough for...


Crafting the Ultimate­ Identity: A Masterclass In Pub and Bar Branding

Pubs. We’ve all been to them, and let's be honest, most of us have probably dropped a fair amount of cash in...


Interview with Margaux Marshall on why bad SEO could be harming your brand

We chat with Margaux Marshall, the founder and managing director of MGX Digital, about why bad SEO could be harming your brand.

Events / News

Strategic Marketing Conference 2024: Studio Noel’s masterclass in brand accessibility

We recently had the opportunity to share our expertise in brand accessibility with attendees of the brilliant Strategic Marketing Conference. Joining a...


Interview with Creative Storyteller, Carys Price

Known for her vibrant illustrations, Carys Price revels in creating dynamic, lively and imaginative artworks. With a passion for storytelling, she finds...

Guides / Insight

Unveiling Luxury Hotel Branding: Definitions, Strategies And Expert Insights

When you picture a luxurious hote­l like the Oberoi, Belmond, Park Hyatt or Rosewood Hotels & Resorts, what image­s come to mind?


Employee Branding Strategy: What It Is And How To Build One

It takes more than appealing logos, fancy fonts, and alluring colour palettes to build a successful brand today. Cohesive branding strategies are...


What is the purpose of a brand workshop?

A brand isn’t just a logo, it’s an attitude, a personality and an experience. A successful brand strategy is the plan for...

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