Illustrating in-house to bring brands and books to life

Illustrating is one of our passions at Studio Noel, whether it's spot illustrations for a new book or restaurant menu design, or...

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How to Commission an Illustrator: from finding inspiration to the final design

Commissioning an illustrator is an exciting journey that can get your projects to really stand out from the crowd. But how do...


Interview with strategic futures consultancy Greyspace

We chat with Luke Sturgeon from Greyspace, a strategic futures consultancy to find out how you go about imagining the future.


Interview with photographer Thom Atkinson

Thom Atkinson is a portrait, landscape and still life photographer based in London. He works commercially in the fields of editorial and advertising...


Interview with the talented founders of Recent Spaces

Recent Spaces are a London-based architectural and design visualisation studio founded by Alex York and Iain Banks.


The role of social media in branding

How important is an effective social media strategy to the success of a brand?