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Design to solve problems and build businesses

You know your business better than anyone. We respect your knowledge, tap into your insight, and collaborate closely with you in a highly personal process. We go deeper and further to immerse ourselves in your world and understand your business challenges. Whether you need us to work regularly alongside your team, just for a single project or a brand strategy workshop, we offer a tailored approach that will fit your business.

How we can help you

Studionoel Design Strategy 01


We immerse ourselves in your world and apply rigorous strategic thinking and market insights to develop solutions that are relevant and full of substance. Not only that, we run branding and strategy workshops with stakeholders to ensure everyone is on board.

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For start-ups and established brands alike, we craft memorable and imaginative identities, designing style guidelines that capture the essence of your brand.

Studionoel Design Naming


Names are important. We create names with staying power, names that draw the eye and stay in the mind. For brands, campaigns, products, or services, we’ll draw up a shortlist that sums up your vision and purpose and packs a punch.

Studionoel Design Websites Digital


We design and build original and responsive websites, newsletters, animations and apps that creatively connect with your audience and inspire loyalty.

Studionoel Design Books Publishing


We advise on content and commission artwork to design beautiful and inspiring books, brochures. And not only that: we manage the print process too.

Studionoel Design Packaging


We create impactful packaging, making your product shout from the shelf, communicate your narrative and adhere to food labelling standards.

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We create striking visual identities for campaigns, point of sale and advertising that drives engagement with your brand.

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Fascia signage, hoardings, interior graphics, exhibition design and window vinyls… we can make everything demand attention and communicate your story.

Studionoel Design Artdirection


By seeking out the most talented illustrators, photographers, content creators, copywriters and many more, we bring your tone of voice and imagery to life.

We tackle many challenges

You might be launching a new brand, product or service. You could be facing new competition or disruption. You might need to reposition your offer, or extend it to different touchpoints. Or perhaps you're simply curious about the possibilities. Whatever your challenge, we'll help you solve it.

If you’d like to talk to us about a potential project please email