20 of the Best B2B Branding Examples: The How, The Why

The key to success in business to business branding or B2B marketing lies in creating a brand identity that resonates with audiences. Whether you’re a startup, small business or global titan like Microsoft - a strong brand matters more than anything else when it comes to brand building and securing lead generation.

Similarly to B2C brands, B2B brands must create a distinct brand identity that resonates with their target audiences and promises value above all else. In order for these brands to thrive today, they must develop and distribute valuable, relevant content that attracts and retains B2B customers.

Taking a deep dive into 20 of the world’s best B2B branding examples, this guide will examine how these world-renowned brands have created and maintained their brand identities successfully – be it through their branding, content marketing, social media, or pricing. Whether it’s Amazon or Penguin, the 20 brands in this article have built long-lasting relationships with their customers by delivering high-quality products, services, initiatives – and most of all, strong brands.

If you’re interested in establishing a new B2B company or improving an existing one, these examples will provide you with valuable insights and inspiration to deploy in your own brand strategies, brand identities and marketing campaigns. Let’s dive in.


20 B2B Businesses Who Nail Their Branding

1. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is undeniably one of the strongest brands in the food and drink B2B space. In addition to establishing itself as a trustworthy and efficient food delivery company, they have built strong business partnerships with restaurants to provide a comprehensive service that benefits both parties – both B2B buyers and hungry customers.

Deliveroo’s ‘Editions’ series spotlights local businesses, highlighting their availability and increasing their accessibility to nearby customers. Essentially, brands that partner with Deliveroo can boost their brand awareness and reap the benefits of B2B content marketing, without splurging on the campaigns. It’s a win-win.

Deliveroo replaced its old Kangaroo logo in 2016 with a new, fresher graphic symbol, along with a new app, website, and uniforms for riders. Modern, instantly recognisable and defyingly simple – the brand refresh revitalised the brand’s image and contributed immensely to its success.


2. Airbnb

Airbnb revolutionised how people travel by providing unique and personalised experiences that foster connections and a sense of belonging. Their branding efforts focus on authenticity, community, and culture, positioning themselves as a platform that lets people experience local customs and traditions. Their recognisable logo, colour palette, and typography serve as a beacon of connection.

Through partnerships with local hosts and targeted brand marketing campaigns, Airbnb has built a brand that is both trusted and loved. With a website and app that are both intuitive and easy to use, Airbnb offers both B2B and B2C users a hassle-free booking process and many options for customising their trips.

With its commitment to its core values and consistently delivering on its brand promise, Airbnb has become one of the world’s most trusted and loved brands – and rightfully so!


3. The Hoxton Hotel Group

The Hoxton Hotel is a master when it comes to standing out in the cutthroat world of hospitality. Whether you’re in Amsterdam, Paris, or New York, each and every one of their hotels exudes the same unparalleled essence that is both affordable and luxurious.

Their secret? Distinctive design, a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, and public spaces that inspire socialising. And they don’t stop there! The Hoxton Hotel is known for hosting epic events that bring people together, like live music, art exhibitions, and cultural happenings.

But their latest venture, Working From_, takes things to the next level. This top-notch co-working space is just as trendy and inviting as their hotels, offering a comfortable and inspiring environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers to get their work done. From high-speed internet and printing services to meeting rooms and private phone booths, Working From_ has everything you need to be productive and creative.


4. Mind Corporate Partnerships

Non-profits, charities, social enterprises, and trusts must work on their brand – just like any other business.

Mind, a compassionate mental health charity, is all about fostering togetherness, igniting mental health awareness, driving growth, standing up against injustice, and lending a helping hand. Providing corporate partnership opportunities for businesses to join the fight for mental health, their B2B strategy helps companies show how deeply they value well-being and care about their employees’ mental health.

In 2021, Mind underwent a refreshing transformation, embracing a straightforward, potent, and practical brand image. Drawing from its core brand values, Mind streamlined its logo and revamped its typeface, creating a contemporary and approachable identity.

With a steadfast commitment to progress and accessibility, Mind’s reinvigorated brand emphasises genuine connections, powerful marketing strategies, and a heartfelt message that resonates with everyone.



Kickstarter has mastered the art of brand storytelling. Their entire branding strategy revolves around providing a platform for creators to express themselves and connect with a global audience. In everything Kickstarter does, stories play a key role. We need look no further than their own mission statement, which is: We enable people to tell their stories.

What sets Kickstarter apart is its collaborative approach to creativity. The platform serves as a space for creators to share their ideas, receive feedback, and gain support from a global audience. This unique model has created a powerful sense of community among users and has helped to foster an environment where new ideas can flourish.

Kickstarter’s marketing efforts, brand strategy, and brand values are all geared towards leveraging the power of connection to speak straight to the hearts of both businesses and consumers. Their messaging is designed to inspire creativity, collaboration, and a sense of shared purpose. As a result, Kickstarter has become synonymous with innovation and has attracted a passionate community of users who are eager to support and promote new ideas.

The proof of Kickstarter’s success can be seen in the staggering number of successful campaigns and the ever-growing value of the platform. Kickstarter has funded over 239,125 projects as of 2023 – an indication of the power of community and the potential for collaboration to drive creativity and innovation.


8. Slack

Crafted to streamline your workday, Saas company Slack simplifies communication, declutters your inbox and makes workflows as smooth as silk. By offering a range of features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and productivity bots, this business has made it easy for teams to stay connected and productive, no matter where they are in the world. And with seamless integration with popular tools like Google Drive, Trello, and Zoom, Slack has become the central hub where teamwork and collaboration flourish effortlessly.

But their success isn’t just about functionality. They’ve also mastered the art of social media, using platforms like Instagram to showcase their brand and connect with their audience in new and innovative ways. Their Instagram account is a carefully curated mix of captivating content, handy tips, and stunning visuals that bring their brand to life. They use their platform to humanise their brand, showing the people behind the product and painting a vivid picture of what Slack stands for.


9. Adobe

As the digital landscape evolves, Adobe offers businesses the magic wand they need to create, manage, and optimise captivating digital content.

Sporting a sleek, modern logo and a striking visual identity, Adobe radiates a love for cutting-edge design and futuristic technology. The company’s online presence is a dazzling display of their products’ prowess, heartwarming success stories, and a treasure trove of resources and tips for their audience. With engaging tutorials and how-to videos on various platforms, Adobe sparks inspiration and ignites passion through empowering campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Adobe’s company culture is like a warm hug, enveloping you in every interaction, from their website to their Instagram account. It’s this embrace of creativity and innovation that crowns them a world leader in the B2B realm.


10. MailChimp

Email marketing and marketing automation don – MailChimp – knows how to use their social platforms to boost B2B branding. As a result, thousands of businesses use MailChimp to streamline their marketing efforts and reach their target audiences.

You’re instantly struck by the big, bold and brilliant personality of this world-class B2B company’s social media presence. Their Instagram account is playful, inviting, and packed with creativity, but the colourful animations aren’t limited to their Instagram account. They’re incorporated into almost all of their branding and marketing materials.

Their logo features a monkey that conveys the brand’s fun and friendly spirit, while the colour palette of pink, yellow, and green adds a level of energy to their visual identity. As part of MailChimp’s mission to make marketing easier for businesses of all sizes through accessibility and effectiveness, they have created an engaging and memorable visual identity.

The platform provides its users with valuable resources and support, including a blog, online courses, and customer support services, all designed to help business marketing teams succeed in their campaigns.


11. Hubspot

The B2B brand HubSpot stands out as one that provides real value to their customers. Initially designed for website traffic generation, lead conversion, customer retention, and delighting promoters, “Hubs” now offer advanced tools and capabilities for enterprise-level sales, marketing, and service needs.

The company’s brand identity is built around helping companies grow and reach their full potential, rather than selling singular products. The HubSpot team has a deep understanding of their target audience, their pain points, their wants, and their needs.

This company’s branding is noteworthy for many reasons – their highly original content ranges from blog posts and SEO articles to podcasts, webinars, courses, nifty resources and highly effective social media marketing campaigns. As a result of these various forms of useful content, HubSpot successfully cements its position as a supplier of solutions, resources, and productivity tools.

By creating a community of engaged and educated users, HubSpot has established itself as an authority in B2B marketing, with a brand that resonates with businesses that want to grow and succeed in a competitive environment.


12. CISCO Systems

CISCO Systems, a highly influential, cutting-edge technology company, has a fantastic brand story that drives its brand’s development. Despite the complex nature of their telecommunication and networking services, Cisco uses storytelling to humanise its brand and make the complex technology they offer relatable and accessible.

With a long history of emotionally powerful campaigns that illustrate a deeper purpose and sense of community, Cisco is also committed to providing socially responsible corporate solutions. As one example, they collaborate with Mercy Corps to provide disaster relief and aid to victims of natural disasters. As part of the partnership, Cisco leverages its technology and expertise to assist Mercy Corps in responding quickly and effectively to disasters worldwide.

The campaign combines pictures, videos, and written narratives to highlight the cause and the impact of the brand’s products. Incorporating new technology into a story adds an extra level of interactivity.



13. Monzo

With innovative brand storytelling, Monzo has built a reputation for engaging and connecting with businesses. Incorporating small businesses into its services, the ‘Monzo Business’ campaign highlights how Monzo Business provides companies with an easy and intuitive way to manage their finances, with features such as invoicing, automated bookkeeping, and real-time transaction tracking. This campaign flexes Monzo’s real-world impact and communicates its value as a reliable financial partner for small businesses by featuring stories and testimonials from small business owners.

Using their social media to position themselves as a modern alternative to traditional banks, Monzo leverages its reputation as a disruptor in the banking industry. Whether it’s startup culture or financial technology, Monzo shares valuable content on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and engages in conversations with followers, answering questions and comments.

As a leading player in the digital banking space, they have developed a reputation for innovation, transparency, and customer-centricity through their engaging and informative social presence.


14. Salesforce

Salesforce is more than just a CRM platform – it’s a trusted partner that helps businesses of all stripes succeed. Their powerful tools for selling, marketing, and data analysis are just the beginning. What really sets Salesforce apart is their unwavering commitment to providing excellent service and creating a warm and welcoming brand that amplifies their customers’ voices.

One way they do this is through their Success Stories campaign, which masterfully showcases the real-world impact of their platform. By encouraging customers to share their stories, Salesforce demonstrates their commitment to transparency and fosters a sense of community among their users. The campaign features a selection of heartwarming stories from businesses that have used Salesforce to grow and thrive, each one accompanied by an in-depth write-up and video about the customer’s experience.

Salesforce’s Success Stories campaign is a powerful reminder that behind every successful business is a story of hard work, dedication, and collaboration. By highlighting the unique journeys of their customers, Salesforce creates a warm and inclusive brand that inspires trust and loyalty. And in a world where technology can often feel cold and impersonal, Salesforce’s focus on building human connections is truly refreshing.


15. Foster’s Events

Fosters Events are true leaders in the world of B2B branding. Specialising in providing exceptional events, hospitality and catering to those in the South West, their branding is a shining example of a brand that comes to life through its visual elements.

Whether it’s their website or social media accounts, the essence of their brand promise, “Fostering Joy,” shines through brilliantly. On their website, you’ll discover engaging “About The Team” portraits, featuring each team member. While many brands do this, Fosters takes a unique approach by sharing their team’s favourite food and drink, playfully posing with them. This not only humanises the brand but also showcases the joy, collaborative spirit, and artistry of food.

By doing so, Fosters establishes a genuine connection with their customers, revealing that the people behind the brand share their passion for food and extraordinary experiences. This genuine and shared enthusiasm underscores their dedication to creating positive and delightful experiences for their valued customers.



16. WeWork

From their website and social platforms to their physical workspaces, WeWork’s signature modern brand identity radiates their dedication to innovation and collaboration. By maintaining consistency, they create a sense of trust and familiarity, echoing the values and character that define their brand and resonate with their target audience.

WeWork’s artful brand identity and messaging paint them as the trailblazers of the co-working industry. Their video campaigns spotlight flourishing businesses that took flight in WeWork spaces, demonstrating how their adaptable workspace solutions help businesses soar. By showcasing these success stories and underscoring the significance of community building and collaboration in fuelling innovation and growth, WeWork sets itself apart from competitors and becomes a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes.


17. IBM

IBM slices through complexity, delivering crystal-clear messaging that brings their trailblazing technologies to life. Their branding, from logo to social media, captivates with simplicity and clarity, making their groundbreaking innovations accessible to all.

A socially responsible leader, this company weaves technology and society together. Their #BeEqual campaign roars in support of diversity and inclusion, transcending colour, gender, and more, showcasing IBM’s commitment to a brighter future. By highlighting technology’s impact on people and society, and driving thought leadership, IBM reigns as a dependable partner for customers worldwide.


18. Dropbox

Dropbox’s captivating brand identity is a stroke of genius that speaks directly to the heart of modern-day collaboration.

With its visually appealing design, lively colours, and user-friendly interface, Dropbox entices users with an irresistible blend of simplicity and functionality. As part of a 2017 brand refresh, they updated their classic logo. Although it retains the brand’s box symbol, it has been modified into five diamond shapes for a more abstract appearance. By striking a chord of warmth and unity with its minimalist design and colour palette, the logo effortlessly draws users into the world of seamless file-sharing and collaboration.

By expertly crafting an identity that embodies the essence of seamless connectivity and teamwork, Dropbox has truly nailed the art of brand identity, making it the undisputed champion of collaboration experiences.



When it comes to brand logos, few hold a candle to the infamous and globally adored publisher, Penguin. Their logo and brand identity embodies the power of ageless design, masterfully blending heritage, emotional connection, and a shared passion for literature.

Though often perceived as a consumer-facing enterprise, Penguin’s influence extends beyond B2C endeavours. The company actively engages in B2B activities to distribute its vast collection of books, fostering a passion for literature in diverse communities.

Penguin goes above and beyond by collaborating with food banks, schools, prisons, and homeless shelters across the UK, striving to put books into the hands of individuals and communities who might otherwise lack access to these literary treasures. With this, they not only promote reading but also empower other businesses to join the cause, spreading the joy of literature and providing support to those in need.


19. SLX

When you explore SLX’s website, you’ll immediately grasp the essence of their business. Renowned as market leaders in the hire and events sector, their sophisticated branding aptly reflects the quality of their services. They are unwaveringly dedicated to creating tailor-made event solutions, consistently achieving exceptional results that precisely align with the objectives of their B2B clients. Their online presence proudly showcases the breadth of their offerings and demonstrates their expertise. An insightful section with articles solidifies their position as knowledgeable leaders, allowing B2B clients to quickly understand what SLX stands for and confidently place their trust in them.

Enhancing their B2B branding is a team of highly skilled professionals who infuse creativity and innovation into their work. Embracing cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking strategies, and immersive experiences, SLX events demonstrate their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends – making them especially appealing to B2B clients seeking modern and impactful event solutions.


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