Rebranding a technical lighting and events company to drive growth

SLX are industry leaders in the hire and events sector. As a full-service provider, SLX offer unparalleled expertise, and, with a catalogue of world-renowned clients, they are now entering an era of exploration into new markets.


SLX came to us to refocus the brand, shining a light on their technological innovation and trusted industry voice. We developed strategy and branding that sold their story, reached new audiences, and positioned them to enter new markets.

Strategy + Branding + Website + Digital + 3D + Moving Image + Brand guidelines

Building enduring strategy from purpose

Our stakeholder interviews and brand workshops uncovered SLX’s purpose: to deliver innovative technology and aspirational experiences through collaboration. This drives SLX to continually break new ground, and every facet of the brand strategy we created has been informed by this core purpose.


The result is a brand strategy built with centralised shared values and visions that will guide SLX for years to come.

Supporting an era of expansion

Our ideas and opportunities workshop defined the company’s ambitions for expansion in the future and inspired the SLX teams. As the company moves forward into new markets, our branding will show SLX to be a unified and cohesive brand and offer the flexibility necessary to accommodate expansion.

A concept to communicate scale

‘We bring moments together’. A single copy line portrays SLX’s role as a full-service provider, putting every piece in place from concept to installation and creating a singular, spectacular moment.


Embedding this concept throughout the identity ensured key audiences were conscious of the scale of SLX’s offering and amplified their trusted industry profile and unrivalled technological skill.

Creating clarity through creativity

A suite of in-house 3D illustrations visually represents SLX’s three key brand pillars, each illustration based around a ‘core’. These cores are cubes assembled with disparate elements that perfectly combine to make a whole.


These illustrations were also used in motion. A light colour scheme and animation style showed glassy 3D building blocks gravitating smoothly together to form a balanced core.


These assets brought SLX’s purpose, technological prowess, and slick project management to life and provided clear avenues for us to utilise animation as a storytelling tool.

Brand cohesion from the physical to the digital

With a strong design concept created, we built it out across the SLX brand identity, from interior graphics for exciting creative workspaces to social media templates and presentation packs.


We created a cohesive suite for all of these elements, making effective use of the full scope of the new SLX brand kit and balancing variety with unity.

Telling stories of connection and experience

SLX is a company of open, collaborative, and creative people who value connection with their clients. They are also a highly respected, industry-leading company running large-scale operations, consistently building success with their extensive inventory of cutting-edge technology.


We collaborated closely with SLX to balance their human story and personable work ethic with their drive to push technological boundaries with every project, and through visual design and copy, wove both facets of the business together.

Capturing the spirit of SLX in motion

We wanted to generate excitement amongst current employees during the rebrand and show new recruits exactly what SLX stands for. Our work with the company showed that the spirit of SLX’s work is best expressed through movement.


To bring internal communications to life and relay the full scope of SLX’s purpose, vision, and brand identity, we created a brand video.


We saw this asset through from start to finish, covering moodboarding and first cuts to music and the final edit of the video.

The rebrand for a future of innovation

We have worked closely with SLX throughout this rebrand that celebrates the company’s reputation and technological prowess. Every element works to amplify their position in the industry and set them apart as leaders, innovators, and mentors, and our new brand strategy and identity has set them on track for a new chapter of expansion and exploration.

The whole SLX team thoroughly enjoyed the brand workshops you hosted at our premises and found the 360 degree approach for feedback on our business very enlightening. All this helped us shape how we saw our business and the key messages we wanted to project.


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