Pocket Wisdom

Imparting words of wisdom

The ‘Pocket Wisdom’ book series is packed with wise words and sage advice from across a wide range of subjects, from celebrities and American politicians to queer heroes and proud singletons. Hardie Grant Books commissioned us to design a selection of titles in the series; aimed squarely at the gift market, the pocket-sized books needed to be fun, creative and colourful.

Publishing: Art Direction + Design

Echoing the content through design

We designed each book to capture the essence of its subject. From typefaces to layouts, every element was carefully chosen to reflect its personality, from Audrey Hepburn’s effortless elegance to the Kardashians’ contemporary brashness.

Making the visuals work harder

Some of the books feature quotes from multiple sources, and for these we paired bold and dynamic typography with bright graphics for the cover, creating real standout across every channel, from bookshop shelves to online retailers’ thumbnails.

Developing illustrations in-house

For the titles based on American politics, we illustrated each cover in-house, taking inspiration from the stars and colour palette of the American flag. We also picked out iconic fashion elements to represent specific subjects, from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ white cape blazer to the first ladies’ power suits and pearls.

Exploring fun and playful finishes

From the embossed metallic type on the queer wisdom book, to the glittery starburst on RuPaul’s, and the blingy pink foil and glossy UV lips on the Kardashians’, we picked interesting finishes that are perfectly matched to the subject matter, helping bring the content to life.

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