Brand Accessibility

We help you boost your brand’s reach and inclusivity

20% of the population have a disability. That means that up to 1 in 5 of your audience might be finding it harder to interact with your brand. Addressing accessibility is about looking at the barriers to entry that people with different needs might encounter with your business. Then looking at how we can remove those barriers for everyone. We believe addressing accessibility makes good business sense.

Our brand accessibility services

By treating accessible design as a standard for your brand you will improve the experience of your brand for everyone. It’s about making sure everyone can experience your brand in a meaningful way. Improving your accessibility is about starting a journey. Making the first positive steps towards being more accessible not perfectly accessible. (There is no such thing as perfectly accessible!)

Brand Accessibility Audit

Our comprehensive brand accessibility audits pinpoint areas for improvement and provide actionable recommendations for you to leverage for your brand.

Brand development

We refine your existing brand, aligning it with accessibility guidelines. This is a strategic revamp using your existing elements. We provide clear and concise guidance on how to make implementing your brand across various channels accessible and inclusive.

Brand Identity

We create brands that are not only memorable but also accessible, making an impact that lasts. Accessibility is at the heart of our approach, not an add-on, ensuring your brand connects with the widest audience possible.

Workshops and training

Educate your team on the importance of accessibility and the practical steps for implementation. A team that is empowered to implement accessible design themselves will be more likely to feel proud in taking ownership over accessibility. from training content and marketing teams, to designers and senior leadership.

Updating brand guidelines

By updating outdated guidelines or crafting new ones to keep your standards up-to-date and streamline accessibility. Make it simple, clear, and easy for everyone to adhere to and understand.

Branded templates

Leverage accessible templates for regular updates like social media and reports to effortlessly uphold your brand's accessible design. From Canva and InDesign to Google Apps and Microsoft, these tools make following best practices easy.

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle to help expand the brand toolkit for Digital Catapult. Michelle and the team were really supportive in educating and effectively ensuring we were able to represent our brand in an accessible way. Michelle created a visually impactful design system with lots of flex, without going away from our core brand. An excellent communicator, stakeholder manager and creative strategist!

Digital Catapult

How else we can help you

Our brand strategy workshops and programs dive deep into your world, to understand your potential and explore the possibilities.

Your brand identity is crucial. Whether you’re a start-up, an established business or a global brand, you need one that’s memorable, imaginative and ownable.

Great graphic design solves business challenges. With inspired thinking and exceptional attention to detail, we transform tricky problems into enduring work.

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