365 Days of Art

Inspiring a year of creativity

‘365 Days of Art’ is a creative journal by illustrator Lorna Scobie, and the first in a highly successful book series. We were commissioned by Hardie Grant Books to design the book, which aims to inspire readers and budding artists to nurture their creativity and express themselves through art.

Publishing: Art Direction + Design

Getting creative with the details

Our playful designs capture the idea of creativity in progress, with a bright turquoise cover featuring spot varnished illustrated splashes, and black spray blocked edges for excellent on-shelf standout. The design approach we established for this first book set a strong template for what has since grown into a bestselling series of creative journals.

Inspiring the artist within

The book features an activity for each day of the year, from simple shape drawing to more complex tutorials on calligraphy and shading, expanding the reader’s skills and encouraging the artist within. Our designs needed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of styles and subjects, while retaining enough character to keep it all looking impressive and inspiring.


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