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BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. Each year they reach 3.9 million children across the UK, providing books, resources and support to help foster a love of reading. We’ve worked with them to create successful campaigns, initiatives and projects.

Campaigns + Social Media + Animation + Print

Driving funds

For BookTrust’s ongoing fundraising efforts they run a series of campaigns throughout their year. The key to the success of all of these campaigns is making sure that they are engaging for children, but also informative for parents and BookTrust’s supporters. Creating a clear link between their campaigns and the world of children’s we often worked alongside illustrators to craft warm and inspiring campaigns that would delight people into supporting their cause.

Seasonal campaigns

Each year BookTrust encourage their audience to donate to their cause, each donation allows BookTrust to send one vulnerable child a book for Christmas. To capture the attention of their audience a compelling animation needed to be created that could capture the hearts of their audience and tell them how they could help.


Static illustrations were brought to life as animated campaign ads. From storyboarding to animation and final execution we worked with BookTrust to create a campaign that would add a little magic into Christmas for vulnerable children.

Helping Booktrust deliver programes that make a difference

All the fundraising efforts are geared towards one thing: delivering programes and initiatives that will help children and families read together. We have worked with BookTrust across many of their programmes, with these it was important to maintain a consistent style for each programe, as they repeated yearly this created a sense of consistency and built trust between BookTrust and the families they were helping. Each programe would be recognisable, and through our brand refresh and guidelining aligned to a specific age group.

Particularly the case with campaigns like Time To Read, where each year BookTrust send out free copies of their chosen children’s books. Over the years we worked with BookTrust to bring the illustrators work to life in a new way across the campaigns. Making sure that the connection between the beloved characters and the BookTrust brand was seamless.

Consulting for programe initiatives

For new programmes like Reception Ready, it can be important to make sure that they will achieve everything you set out for them to achieve. We worked with BookTrust to do just that, participating in focus groups and innovation workshops to help develop the scheme before it got near to design. Next, we looked at prototyping so that the parents in the focus groups could see the packs and feedback on what would really make a difference for them.

We used BookTrusts core illustration style to bring these activities to life in a fun and engaging way, directly aimed at the specific 4-5 year old audience.


BookTrust regularly celebrates the people who really make sure that children continue to enjoy books—the writers and illustrators who create them! We have worked to create campaigns for the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award and branding for their Children’s Laureate prize. These have an overall more grownup feeling to them, conveying a sense of gravitas at events that mean something very special to the people who receive them.

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