Designing bespoke icons to make your brand stand out


Creating a range of bespoke icons for your brand sets your company apart and distinguishes it from the competition with an individual look and feel that is instantly recognisable as yours. Along with that, it will always be a perfect fit for the application they're to be used on.

We’ve designed icons for everything, from digital platforms, apps, and restaurant menus, right through to cookbooks, presentation packs, and annual reports. Here’s some examples of bespoke icons we've created.

As part of the branding process
Take the branding we did for Spinview – an AR and VR platform and consultancy – we designed two sets of custom icons to reflect their new brand look and feel. One set of icons to represent their products and services that they offer and another set designed specifically for the app platform ensuring everything was legible at small sizes on a mobile.



Refining your brand offering due to a change in your brand strategy
We worked with Kula Yoga to redefine their brand strategy as their offering had developed over time. As a result of the new strategy we looked at defining and creating their new brand pillar icons. We wanted to retain an element of their existing brand pillars but ensure they all sat together as a unique set.


The icon for hot yoga was used as a basis to develop further unqiue icons

To quickly communicate your brands services
Our brain naturally processes images quicker than text so icons are a great way to communicate your brand offering quickly to your audience.


Highlighting key information in a book
For the book design for the award winning brand Jude's ice cream we designed a series of icons that highlighted key information within the recipe book, such as vegan recipes and top tips as well as icons to add visual interest to the chapter openers.


Chapter opener from Jude's Ice Cream & Desserts book


New icons designed in the style of an existing icon on the retail packs

Creating clarity on the menu design
Icons can massively help a customer navigate through your menu, ensure that information can stay concise and visually engaging.


Icons from Tapas Revolution drinks menu design

Looking to design a set of bespoke icons?
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