Interview with Karina Perdomo on the growing importance of brand video

We chat with Karina Perdomo, the director and co-founder of The Quick Brown Fox Video Production, about the importance of brand video.

How important have you found video content for your own business?

We are a video production company, so we live and breathe video, day in and day out. It’s key for our own sort of promotional purposes, it’s key for us to reach the sort of right kind of client and it’s key for us to show off what we can do.


Do you have any tips on how to make social media post creation a smooth process?

It’s a bit like prepping to create a blog or a series of blogs – make a list of topics and it doesn’t have to be 365 topics. You don’t need a different idea for each day of the year, you just need 12 ideas or 15 ideas and you can rework them.

Essentially just get started and then see how it performs. Once you’ve seen that, then you can concentrate on doing more of what works best.


What are your top three tips for a brand just diving into the world of video content?

  • Get started. Start with short, simple videos that resonate with yourself and with your audience that will give them value.
  • Be yourself. Don’t try and kind of emulate others or jump on trends just for the sake of jumping on trends. Make sure that it resonates with your company values, with your mission, with your ethos.
  • Promote it. Use it, shout about it, don’t just post and leave it. The average lifespan of a piece of video on the different platforms is actually quite short so reuse it and create alternative types of content from those same videos.


Why is video leading the way in terms of content?

Video has been growing and growing and there’s no stopping it. With video, we have been able to feel closer to people that are not necessarily in our area or network. It’s giving us that kind of familiarity with being on camera and that kind of connection as well.

Watch the video here.

A big thank you to Karina Perdomo for contributing to our series of interviews with industry experts.

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