Decoding Brand Licensing: Case Studies and Success Stories

Brand licensing. It’s not just about slapping another company’s logo on your products. It's a tactical way for companies to broaden their...


Expanding Horizons: A Deep Dive into Successful Brand Extensions

In the ever-growing, always-changing world of branding, brand extensions have become a powerful strategy for companies looking to expand their reach and...


Rebranding vs Brand Refresh: Which One Is Right For You?

Change is necessary for every business to survive, and as a business owner, that can mean making important decisions about your company's...


Purpose-Driven Branding: Unleashing Authentic Impact

Ever wondered what sets a remarkable brand apart from the ordinary ones? The secret is a compelling purpose.


How to create audience personas that work

Knowing your audience is crucial for your marketing strategy and product development. The more you understand your audience, the better you can...

Creativity / Insight

Text Meets Trends: A Fusion of TikTok and Book Design

Books and TikTok. Not two things that typically go hand, but this unlikely pairing has become a powerful tool for contemporary publishers....


Connecting with the Silver Generation: Strategies for Meaningful Engagement

While Millennials and Gen Z often take the spotlight in discussions and studies, it's essential to recognise the growing influence of the...


Timeless Triumphs: Brands Embracing Diversity Across Generations

Sadly, ageism and systematic stereotyping are still rife in the UK, and in the world of branding - older people are often...


Designing For All: Navigating The Worlds Of Inclusive And Accessible Design

Today, there is a growing need for designs, spaces, physical and digital products and services that are inclusive and accessible. However, have...

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