Branding takeaway food services for a taste of success

Consumers are relishing the growing food delivery and takeaway market, and we can help your takeaway branding get you a seat at the table.

The growing appetite for food delivery and takeaway

A queue of delivery drivers alongside diners eating in at restaurants is a more and more regular site. Consumer data from 2019 to 2020 shows that the expenditure from diners eating out fell by 3.5 for three months in a row, while eating from home seems to be a much more attractive option.


The numbers show the UK’s appetite for takeaways clearly: takeaway spending grew by over 11 percent in 2019, and 7.5 billion food deliveries were made in 2019 too. That’s a 39 percent increase in just three years. This is thanks in part to click-and-collect delivery apps that mean almost everyone can carry their favourite restaurants with them on their phone.

7.5 billion

food deliveries were made in 2019

The increase in customers wanting restaurant-quality food at home along with the rise of delivery services and dark kitchens has led to more and more hospitality brands offering delivery and takeaway services. A takeaway no longer just means a sneaky Indian or a Chinese on a Friday night, companies from the likes of casual dining chains such as Nandos, Byron and Bill’s restaurants right through to smaller independent restaurants and those offering cook-it-yourself recipe boxes are delivering fresh meals and ingredients right to the front door, seven days a week.

Takeaway branding and packaging design for Bill’s restaurants

Building brand recognition for takeaway and delivery services

Branding for these new services in its competitive environment is increasingly important. Think of your takeaway service as a walking advert that can get people regularly recognising your brand and make it memorable. Consider Domino’s takeaway pizza boxes in the hands of delivery drivers, the famous Starbucks coffee cups being walked down the street, or the ingredient and recipe delivery boxes from Gusto, Mindful Chef, and OddBox sat outside people’s front doors. This kind of everyday exposure can be possible with your takeaway service.

Starbucks takeaway cups are instantly recognisable

We designed a logo for Bill’s restaurants takeaway offering to highlight and increase awareness of the new service

We don’t believe in style over substance

Takeaway and delivery packaging plays a key role in giving the customer the brand experience at home, so not only does your packaging need to look great and portray your brand’s personality it also needs to ensure that the food stays warm (or cold). That’s why we take care and consideration in ensuring all the packaging needs are met, meaning your customers don’t end up disappointed.

Bill’s restaurants takeaway burger box design

Drinks takeaway holder design for Bill’s restaurants

Not just the packaging

Launching new delivery services will mean you want to look at a way of communicating your offering with existing and potential new customers, whether that is through social media campaigns, email marketing, or creating a new set of takeaway menus and flyers for inside your restaurant.

Takeaway and click and collect menu design for Bill’s restaurants

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