Bringing plant-based recipes to life

Jessica Prescott is the talented writer and photographer behind stylish vegan blog Wholly Goodness, a forum for her creative talents in food, photography and hand-drawn lettering. Hardie Grant Books commissioned us to design ‘Vegan Goodness’, Jessica’s cookbook devoted to everyday plant based recipes.

Publishing: Art Direction + Design + Illustration

Capturing a rainbow of natural colours

Our cover design featured a smorgasbord of natural ingredients, playfully laid out in a rainbow to reflect the ‘goodness’ in the book’s title. We added a touch of elegance through the use of embossed contemporary type placed within the design’s centre circle.

Playfully illustrated by hand

Jessica’s ‘Wholly Goodness’ blog is full of her playful photography and illustrated type, but as the book needed to be set up for co-edition, her type could not be recreated. So instead we hand illustrated the ingredients, incorporating them into the design of the chapter openers and recipes, to retain her signature style.

Working with Studio Noel was both an honour and a pleasure. They did an incredible job with the layout which has given my book a timelessness. The illustrations are perfect, exactly what I wanted.


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