Serving up a delicious ice-cream brand

Jude’s are award-winning British ice-cream makers who work with top chefs to create uniquely mouth-watering flavours. Kyle Books commissioned us to design ‘Jude’s Ice Cream & Desserts’, a recipe book packed with many of the brand’s scrumptious recipes for desserts and bakes.

Publishing: Design

Bringing the brand to life in print

Our cover design uses gold foiled type, and references the signature coloured stripes from Jude’s ice cream tubs, which also feature as chapter openers throughout the book. Each chapter introduction is encapsulated inside a shape relevant to their topic, from ice cream cones to cupcakes and sundaes. To create a colourful beginning and end to the book, photographic endpapers featuring all the Jude’s ice cream tub flavours were used.

Heroing the recipes

By pairing mouth-watering imagery with coloured backgrounds and clean and contemporary typography, we enabled the recipes to become the heroes. We also created running footers using the brand’s logo and a dessert spoon, to bring a playful touch to the tiniest of details.

Improving navigation with icons

We developed a suite of icons in the style of Jude’s packaging icon, and featured them on chapter openers and to highlight various aspects such as vegan options, no-churn recipes and top tips for creating Jude’s ice cream at home.

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