Get Plants

Designing for a renowned 
horticultural brand

With a younger generation now switching on to the pleasures of houseplants, world-renowned Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew commissioned us to design ‘Get Plants’ by author Katherine Price. The book was designed to inspire a wider audience, and particularly encourage a younger demographic to introduce plants into their homes.

Publishing: Art Direction + Design

Engaging through bold simplicity

Drawing upon Kew’s scientific and horticultural knowledge, the book was divided into four sections. Our designs use bold and expressive typography for a series of chapter openers. Contrasted with a sans serif font for pull-out quotes and reference section, it creates an elegant yet confident look and feel.

Bridging horticulture and lifestyle

We worked closely with Kew, the author, and the photographer on the design for the cover and internal sections. Paying particular attention to the finishes, we achieved a beautiful substantial feel that sits comfortably between an educational horticultural primer and a contemporary lifestyle volume, for a perfectly ‘coffee table ready’ book.

Studio Noel’s interpretation of the design brief was spot on and the designed book is spectacular. It’s without doubt one of the best books I have been involved in and I look forward to working together again in the future.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

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