Text Meets Trends: A Fusion of TikTok and Book Design

Books and TikTok. Not two things that typically go hand, but this unlikely pairing has become a powerful tool for contemporary publishers. The global surge of TikTok as a cultural phenomenon has inspired publishers far and wide to wield its influence, crafting books that resonate with fresh audiences and tap into new sensations.

The Trend: A New Wave of Writers 

With the ballooning popularity of TikTok, a growing number of social media influencers are making their way into publishing, cleverly leveraging their popularity to secure book deals, often focusing on genres and topics that align – and resonate – with their existing fan base.

Today, TikTokers provide useful hacks, insights and information that engage users all over the world. While the platform initially featured bite-sized snippets, its evolution has seen influencers embracing long-form discussions. 

#BookTok, a trend where influencers express their love for specific books, has long dominated the social media platform. Boasting over 200 billion views, the #BookTok tag not only drives significant sales but also instills a love for reading in a new generation. 

According to recent research from the Publishers Association, 59% of 16-25-year-olds credit BookTok for igniting their passion for reading. Now that’s something worth celebrating. 

What’s In It For Publishers? 

But what’s in it for publishers? TikTokers bring with them a sizable, engaged, and responsive fanbase – a captive audience eager to devour content from their beloved creators. This unique partnership presents an exciting opportunity for publishers to tap into existing fan bases and connect with new readers.

Whether through screens or printed pages, the topics that TikTokers deal with are relevant, popular and often quick to go viral. From a Publisher’s perspective, why wouldn’t you want to capitalise on this creative opportunity? Not to mention – the books are highly giftable.

Whether you use the platform or not, or support its content or not, it’s impossible to ignore the tangible influence it has on shaping the younger generation, especially Gen Z. Ultimately, TikTok has become a major platform, shaping the way that Gen Z explores and adopts new topics. Used like a search engine, the platform is quickly gaining popularity as a favoured tool for learning.

Embracing the Trend 

Educational, exciting and engaging, we’re proud to have collaborated with some of today’s inspiring content creators – whether they’re a farmer, doctor or chef. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of designing several books published by TikTok influencers. Working with Quarto, we designed For the Love of Farming: Farmer Will’s Guide to Life in the Fields, a seasonal guide from land-loving TikToker Will Young, sharing the day-to-day joys – and challenges – of life on his family’s Buckhamishire-based farm. 

We also teamed up once again with DK, to bring Dr Edward M. Hallowell (aka Dr Ned)’s book, ADHD Explained to life. The pivotal text offers a collection of digestible insights aimed at aiding the newly diagnosed – and their families and friends – in comprehending and embracing ADHD. 

That wasn’t all, we also worked with renowned YouTube and Instagram celebrity chef, Claudia Regalado to create a fuss-free family-friendly cookbook – Cooking Con Claudia – packed with inclusive and irresistible Mexican recipes. 


We’re passionate about creative collaboration and relish the opportunity to bring diverse stories to life. We can’t wait to see how this trend continues to evolve. Get in touch to discuss how we can help.

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