Inclusive Book Design for ADHD Explained: Your Tool Kit to Understanding and Thriving

We were recently commissioned by DK to design Dr. Edward M. Hallowell’s - a globally recognised expert on ADHD - new book: ADHD Explained. The pivotal text offers a collection of digestible insights aimed at aiding the newly diagnosed - and their families and friends - in comprehending and embracing ADHD.

Simplifying science, our book design features bold colours, compelling infographics and impactful illustrations. Through accessible illustrations and an easy-to-follow structure, we disseminate knowledge that might otherwise feel daunting or complex in a unique style suited for ADHD readers.

A key motif throughout our design was a flexible, interchangeable bending line – incorporated to symbolise the fluid nature of ADHD experiences. This motif serves as a visual representation of the diverse challenges and strengths associated with the condition.

With the inclusion of pop-out statistics as well as FAQs and must-know life hacks, we break down intricate data and present it in an easily comprehensible manner, making the information more relatable and relevant to the reader’s experience.

This groundbreaking guide is essential reading for those seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the strategies to help with ADHD.

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