Conscious Creativity book design

We've been busy designing a new book for artist and photographer Philippa Stanton.

Philippa trained at RADA before working for over 30 years in theatre, radio, TV, and film. She has created artwork and social content for The Crown Estate, Green and Blacks, and even The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group. With such an eclectic range of work behind her, Philippa’s new book, Conscious Creativity, delves into her creative process, exploring composition, colour, synaesthesia, and social media, giving useful tips to help the reader discover what kind of creative they are. It’s a really interesting book aimed at creatives who are already well versed in their own processes and people whose lives don’t always allow for abundances of creative expression.

Conscious Creativity book cover

Philippa uses her experience with synaesthesia regularly in her work, and Conscious Creativity helps the reader to make connections with their creative space and impulses, with chapters dedicated to the different senses, such as texture, the practice of looking, light and shadow, and synaesthesia itself. But what is synaesthesia?


In short, synaesthesia is when a person’s sensory pathways swap messages. For instance, a person may see or feel certain letters and numbers as particular colours, or sounds may have a texture or taste. There are many different types of synaesthesia, and no one person’s experience is necessarily the same as everyone else’s.

Conscious Creativity chapter opener

We really enjoyed designing this book with its beautiful, colourful photography that really is a treat for the senses! Plus, it’s available to buy in the Tate Modern and online, so if you’re looking for some comprehensive, sensory creative inspiration, look no further than Conscious Creativity.

Conscious Creativity internal spread design

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