A contemporary celebration of hand printing with Rowan Sivyer’s new book: Modern Block Printing

Publisher Hardie Grant commissioned us to design Rowan Sivyer's new book: Modern Block Printing. We designed a contemporary and engaging book that explores the art of hand printing.

Driving our book design was a deep understanding – and celebration of – Rowan’s influences. Throughout the book, colour and pattern are playfully merged to bring to life the organic and ornate shapes that inspire her designs.

Aiming to capture the modern relevance of block printing, we created a contemporary look with block prints, bold typography and beautiful photography. 

We showcased Rowan’s 16 projects – from greeting cards to fabric and clay prints, as well as ideas for making unique Christmas ornaments and gift wrap, and more. 

We opted for a colour palette that emanates positivity, and purposefully combined technical tips, stunning photography, and informative instructions. 

It was a pleasure to design this book and contribute to a contemporary celebration of this creative medium. It’s available online to be discovered and explored. 

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