Cooking Con Claudia: Designing a Family-Centric Cookbook

We were commissioned by DK to design a family-orientated cookbook for renowned YouTube and Instagram celebrity chef, Claudia Regalado. The book, Cooking Con Claudia, marks her debut with the publisher and is all about nourishing traditions with a vibrant selection of inclusive, family-friendly Mexican dishes.

Claudia Regalado boasts an extensive following in the US, thanks to her delicious, accessible and fuss-free recipes, which have resonated strongly with fans. With a hearty, home-cooking made easy cooking style, her expertise lies in simplifying the preparation of authentic, family-style Mexican dishes, which she lovingly prepares for her husband and five children.

Inside pages of Cooking con Claudia's book

Through mellow, comforting colours and subtle design details that nod to the Mexican dishes she specialises in, we designed a book that feels as warm and full of heart as Claudia and her cooking. 

Staying true to Claudia’s established brand, we aimed to create something that speaks directly to her loyal followers while also captivating newcomers to her culinary world. 

Inside pages of Cooking con Claudia's book

Our cover showcases Claudia in her kitchen against a backdrop reminiscent of classic family cookbooks, paired with a cosy serif font for a warm touch.

While honouring Mexican cuisine’s rich heritage and flavours, we ensured the book felt fresh and contemporary. By blending timeless elements with modern design, guaranteeing its relevance for years to come.

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