Summer Escapes: Favourite Reads for the Season

There’s no better pairing for summer than a captivating read. Whether you're seeking assistance with garden planning, craving creative inspiration, or in need of simple recipe ideas, we've designed an exceptional collection of books to keep you entertained and engaged throughout the summer.

A Beautiful Obsession 

For those seeking to unleash their creativity in gardening, Jimi Blake and Noel Kingsbury’s book is the ultimate destination. A Beautiful Obsession presents a wealth of innovative gardening techniques, making it a brilliant source of inspiration for those looking to revolutionise their gardening knowledge and techniques.  

Botanical Brain Balms 

Nicolette and Elaine Perry’s enlightening manual emphasises the positive effects of plants on memory, cognition, and emotional well-being. With valuable insights from herbal medicine and neuroscience experts, they provide remedies and exercises that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, enhancing both your cognitive abilities and emotional state.

Keeping It Simple

Who doesn’t adore a stress-free dinner during the summer? Drawing inspiration from her column on Serious Eats, New York-based author Yasmin Fahr presents a collection of 60 uncomplicated and delicious one-pot dinner recipes, designed to save you time and energy this summer. Seriously, this one is a real game changer. 

Natural Dying 

Kathryn Davey’s text is an absolute gem for those seeking creative inspiration this summer. This informative text explores the endless possibilities of plant-based dyeing and provides invaluable tips and techniques. Even better – it includes eight project prompts, encouraging readers to put their newfound skills to the test. 

Write Every Day 

Harriet Griffey’s engaging and accessible book empowers aspiring writers to discover their unique voice, unlock their creative potential, and hone their skills. Through a series of imaginative writing prompts, practical exercises, and invaluable advice, this resource provides the ideal catalyst for anyone seeking to embark on a fulfilling creative journey.

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