365 Ways to Save the Planet: A Day-by-day Guide to Sustainable Living

Recently, DK commissioned us to design sustainability journalist and magazine editor, Georgina Wilson-Powell's new book - 365 Ways to Save the Planet. This green-living guide explains the importance of environmental statistics and offers in-depth advice on how to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life.

We designed a book that integrates bold colours, statement iconography, compelling infographics, and engaging illustrations to empower people through nature.

By using accessible and engaging illustrations, we convey the impact of individual choices on the environment. Our illustrations accompany simple impact indices that readers can use to measure their footprint and estimate their impact.

Combining inspirational mottos, overarching statistics and playful illustrations, our book design keeps the reading material engaging and interactive throughout. To promote sustainable habits and encourage readers to adopt them, we created pull-out hero entries with colourful textured illustrations.

It has been a pleasure working on this book that empowers readers to reach their eco potential, and we urge you to pick up a copy to get started.

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