Let’s Talk About: Books Sparking Conversation and Enhancing Self-Esteem

Quarto Publishing commissioned us to design and illustrate a series of fun and playful books: Let's Talk About Friendship and Let's Talk About Anxiety.

These brightly coloured and playfully illustrated book and card sets are designed to facilitate adult-child conversations by making these all-important topics accessible, approachable, and engaging.

Including 20 conversation cards with helpful prompts written by expert counsellors and a 64-page book of useful ideas and fun activities to help kids navigate conversations about anxiety and friendship, these book designs saw us create an inviting and ageless look with bold colours and playful characters. 

Children are encouraged to create social connections through the books, which promote compassion, communication, and listening skills. Designed to stimulate social and emotional development, our illustrations are bright, cheerful and emotive – encouraging young people to speak about their relationships with their peers.

It has been our pleasure to develop a book series focusing on mental wellbeing, empowering children’s self-esteem and confidence.

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