Maya Angelou’s Guide to Hope: 50 Simple Ways to Spread Hope Book Design

Maya Angelou’s Guide to Hope is a colourful illustrated guide on how we can all spread a little more hope, including 50 simple acts – from giving words of encouragement to offering a helping hand – and accompanying illustrations of Maya herself.

Aiming to bring to life Maya Angelou’s strength and conviction, we commissioned illustrator Sarah Madden to create vibrant and beautiful patterns inspired by her clothing, capturing the woman who inspires hope in so many.

From typefaces to layouts, every element was carefully chosen to reflect Maya’s rich and remarkable life – and resounding legacy.



We used a handwritten typeface that rouses Maya’s voice and paired it with a positive and uplifting colour palette, as well as Madden’s beautiful illustrations to create an illustrated guide that is both poignant and empowering. Madden’s illustrations are featured on the cover and chapter openers adding charm and character throughout the book.

We are proud to have produced a book that will no doubt, continue to inspire positivity.

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