Book Launches and Walks in the Park

Earlier this year we designed Jimi Blake and Noel Kingsbury’s new book, A Beautiful Obsession: Jimi Blake’s World of Plants at Hunting Brook Gardens. We were invited to the book launch at the Garden Museum.

The Garden Museum in Lambeth, London, which tells the story of British gardening through events, exhibitions, permanent collections of paintings, tools, and historic artefacts, and of course, its very own garden.

Garden designer Jimi Blake launched his new book A Beautiful Obsession here, which we had the pleasure of designing. With Jimi’s own eclectic and innovative style in mind, our book design celebrated the colours, textures, and shapes that feature in his own garden, the expansive Hunting Brook Gardens in Co. Wicklow in Ireland. The book aims to walk the reader through the garden, offering fresh and endlessly inspiring advice on plant pairings and garden design.

Jimi Blake trained as a horticulturalist and became Head Gardener at Airfield House in Dundrum, Dublin, where he went on to revive a Victorian garden to its former splendor. Enjoying a mix of tropical and woodland styles in his gardens, Hunting Brook Gardens is a wonderful reflection of Jimi’s passion for plants and garden design. Our book design for A Beautiful Obsession reflects the atmosphere of the garden and Jimi’s personality, with bold illustrations, dazzling colour, and detailed insights into the beautiful plants that thrive at Hunting Brook Gardens.

Buy the book here

A Beautiful Obsession book on sale at the Garden Museum

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