MGX Digital

Demystifying SEO through brand identity

MGX Digital are SEO specialists. They deliver powerful SEO strategy on local and global scales to bring brands closer to their audience than ever. As MGX Digital grew, they needed a brand identity that would attract new clients and fresh talent to the team.

Strategy + Branding

Cultivating understanding, purpose and value

Although often undervalued and misunderstood, SEO has a massive impact on a business’s success and is a crucial part of any business strategy. MGX Digital needed to highlight this to help existing and prospective clients truly understand what they do and the value of their services. They needed a strong brand proposition to clarify their offering and communicate it clearly across the MGX Digital brand.

Immersion, interviews, and defining a proposition

With MGX Digital operating without a clear brand proposition in place, we ran deep immersion sessions and conducted an in-depth brand audit to pull together disparate elements and truly begin to define and refine their brand proposition. Client and stakeholder interviews revealed the bigger picture for the brand and what their services mean to their clients. It was clear that their work was highly valued, but much was being placed on the presence of their director Margaux. Our aim would be to present MGX as a team with a broad skillset, but keep that emphasis on a personal touch that was so valued by their clients.


With this key information in place, we then ran a brand proposition workshop to help MGX Digital rebuild their proposition, from their core reason for being to their personality, values, and vision. At the heart of everything they do, MGX Digital brings a compassionate approach to a fast-paced and data-driven world.

Building connections through logo design

MGX Digital’s human-centred approach to SEO was a rich starting point from which to build the brand’s identity and logo. Also informed by their driving goal of bringing businesses and audiences closer together, we looked to the ‘X’ of MGX as a natural signifier of two points converging. It also speaks to MGX Digital’s targeted, focused approach to every project.

Creating those ‘ah-ha!’ moments with illustration

To encapsulate MGX Digital’s hands-on, human-centred approach to SEO, we developed a unique illustration style and a suite of core illustrations. The illustrations had a playful but clean quality, communicating a characterful tone that works to contextualise and clarify the more abstract parts of MGX Digital’s business.

Showing what SEO can really do

Convincing clients that the sometimes mysterious world of SEO is a worthwhile investment can be tough. It was important for MGX Digital to be able to present their past work to clients in case studies that told the stories of their past successes clearly, concisely, and in a way that inspired confidence in their skills. Each case study would sell the values of SEO and showed the impact working with MGX Digital can have on businesses of all kinds.

Introducing the experts

MGX Digital is a hybrid business with talent across the globe. As such, it was essential for us to show off the team as an integral and highly connected asset in the brand’s identity. Using graphic elements from MGX Digital’s identity to unify the team imagery, we opened up the opportunity for the team to create their own profile pictures in a consistent and eye-catching style that showcased their personality and expertise.

Impactful content, expertly executed

MGX Digital’s own content needed to showcase just how well content under their care performs. With a bright, confident, and approachable tone of voice, we ensured that MGX Digital’s identity empowered them to create the content that sets them apart as experts in the field. With distinctive illustration, clear and assertive type styles, plus a consistent format for showing client examples, MGX Digital’s identity ensures they create the impact for themselves, they also offer to their clients.

The way they conducted the workshops to discover what our brand was about was impressive. Studio Noel delivered solid strategy propositions, brand guidelines, and brand identity. Studio Noel delivered on time and was responsive to the client's feedback. Their ability to implement the client's requests was also key to the engagement's success.

MGX Digital

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