Jigsaw Business Solutions

A gift card expert’s future-focused identity

Jigsaw Business Solutions are gift card experts: they collaborate with retailers to launch, manage, and grow lucrative gift card programmes for consumers and businesses alike. With a new era of growth ahead, we needed to harmonise their identity with their role as indisputable industry leaders.

Brand Identity + Website + Social Media + Animation

Building future fit branding

Jigsaw needed to lead their next phase of growth with an identity that could match their pace. But, with expertise in such a niche area, clear communication of their skills and expansive breadth of services was key. The identity needed to capture and engage its audiences and help them to understand the value that Jigsaw had to offer.

Grounding strategy in purpose

With such a dedicated team behind them, we had to dig deep into strategy with Jigsaw to ensure every decision we made rang true to their whole team’s purpose, goals, and ideas for the future.

Immersion sessions and brand proposition workshops grounded every change we made in the business’ core reason for being. These sessions uncovered what mattered most to the team and their clients, informing and building an authentic and consistent tone of voice that could be used to guide the next phase of visual identity development. At the heart of it all was their drive to create a future where everyone thrives.

Brand evolution over revolution

The new branding was all about evolution over revolution. We weren’t here to completely reinvent the Jigsaw brand — instead, we were working to streamline and modernise their logo, refresh their colour palette, and breathe bold new life into the existing identity with newly animated jigsaw piece graphics. By bringing key brand elements along for the ride, we preserved continuity for Jigsaw’s long standing clients, retaining the brand’s well-established authority in the industry.

Making dynamic connections

Jigsaw’s purpose is to build connections and nurture relationships. It was natural to keep the jigsaw shapes as part of the identity, but they needed to capitalise on their visual potential with a bright, engaging, and dynamic new look. By pairing the graphics with a strong typographic style, we held onto the visual metaphors of connection but distanced the brand from the more quaint, image that puzzles can evoke. Having given the puzzle pieces their own movement style, they’re all now truly ownable assets for Jigsaw with unique character.

Jigsaw has worked with Studio Noel in various ways for over 9 years now, they supported our brand refresh as we approached our 10-year anniversary. The starting point of this brand refresh was a strategy workshop, where they took us through various exercises to drill into what we stand for, what we represent and what we do. It was a really interesting and useful process, and the overall refresh was a great success, and we've been thriving since. We're grateful to Studio Noel for their ongoing patience, guidance and expertise!

Jigsaw Business Solutions

Depicting clarity

Being too wordy can turn off or exclude potential clients, but Jigsaw’s breadth of services demand to be talked about. For the services that may feel less tangible to newcomers, we needed a way to visually represent them. Enter a new suite of icons, each with a distinctive, ownable style. We opted for a modern, tech-led aesthetic with layered, frosted glass elements that blend with the motion-driven identity perfectly.

The user journey, distilled and streamlined

For a business that offers as much as Jigsaw does, information overload on its website is a risk. We had to look carefully at how we could communicate all that they do in a way that avoids client overwhelm.

We conducted thorough keyword research and analysis to build wireframes that mapped out a smooth new user journey. Now, visitors to the site could dip into light-touch information or really dig deep into the world of gift cards, getting all the details they need about how Jigsaw can help them. Plus, they’d feel supported throughout with regular calls to action to contact the Jigsaw team. Our SEO work also meant that landing pages were expertly primed to drive traffic, which is a key piece of the engagement puzzle in Jigsaw’s industry.

Connecting the thought leaders

For a business driven by connections, social media content is an important part of Jigsaw’s development. We manage their social media channels across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and support Jigsaw’s business development teams and create exciting social content that puts their thought leadership front and centre.

We ran workshops to create content pillars that would bolster their strategic plans for creating consistently engaging content. These pillars opened the brand up to fresh and engaging content types that offer value and relatability for their audience. Again, animation played a part in bringing Jigsaw to life, and what could have been text-heavy explainer content is now embracing movement in engaging, dynamic, and easy to digest posts, whatever the channel.

Creating on-screen presence

Jigsaw is a regular presence at conferences, and they needed video assets to introduce themselves and showcase what they do. We collaborated with Jigsaw to create a powerful representation of everything they offer on the big screen, from initial storyboards and crafting their message to finessing the final animations that bring Jigsaw’s personality to life.

Alongside this we created a comprehensive suite of marketing and presentation materials, providing Jigsaw with easily adaptable templates they could use whatever the occasion as they continue to grow and keep momentum.

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