Studio Noel Vegan Goodness Veganuary



We’ve started 2018 with a focus on eating more plants. Inspired by the delicious looking recipes in our cookbook design, Vegan Goodness, and the increasing number of our team members who have vegetable gardens at home, we wanted to try out more vegan meals. In doing so we’ve discovered a multitude of interesting restaurants, products and brands that we probably wouldn’t have thought to try before.


We visited Farmacy in Notting Hill and feasted on rainbow bowls and shots of turmeric, while at home we’ve been experimenting with the recipes in Vegan Goodness and made the most delicious black bean burgers. One of the most daunting prospects was the idea of no milk (we live on tea in the studio!) but we’ve loved Minor Figures oat milk. We’ve tried The White Rabbit Co vegan pizza (verdict, you wouldn’t know it was vegan) and been topping our porridge with Nush almond m*lk yogurts. 

All in all the verdict in the studio has been positive, this month has shown us that making an effort to eat more plants is not just possible but can make for a delicious and varied diet, it provides an opportunity to think outside the box and create some wonderful meals.


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