Designing an Impact Report for SLX: Mapping Influence, Purpose and Success

Our team has been busy designing SLX's 2022 impact report, which measures their influence, evaluates their success and identifies areas for opportunity.

As a full-service provider with a wide network of world-renowned clients, SLX offers unmatched industry expertise with a focus on technological progress, as well as a collaborative and human-centric approach. 

Having recently secured B-Corporation status, SLX is deeply committed to balancing the needs of people and the environment. Throughout their impact report, they focused on understanding both their social impact on people and the planet and how it affects communities, individuals and businesses.

Our design incorporates light-inspired infographics, gradients, and SLX’s distinctive colour palette to represent the different shapes, colours, and textures of lighting – embedding their brand offering and purpose throughout. 

By using infographics to visualise key statistics, we help their stakeholders gain a deeper understanding of the direct impact SLX is making on people and planet. In order to illustrate their journey, celebrate their accomplishments, and identify where they stand on the road to success, we used simple and accessible graphics.

Early in 2022, we had the pleasure of working with SLX to refocus their brand and launch their business expansion, laying the groundwork for their most successful year yet. Our team conducted stakeholder workshops to identify SLX’s brand purpose and developed a brand strategy, which was then integrated across the company’s brand identity, including interior graphics for its workspaces, presentation packs, a suite of 3D illustrations for their new fleet of vehicles and more. 

It was a pleasure to contribute to the creation of their impact report, which lays the foundation for another excellent year. We look forward to seeing what lies ahead.

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