Branding the buzz of a riverside restaurant

Rotunda is a vibrant restaurant with a prime location. As a bar, restaurant, and events space, it has a lot on offer and a lot to celebrate, but its riverside King’s Cross location means competition is fierce. As such, Rotunda’s online presence needed to shout above the noise and increase footfall. They came to us looking for a new website that would showcase all it had on offer.

Website + Brand Expansion

Creating clarity for a multifaceted brand

Rotunda’s previous website wasn’t working hard enough for them. Their numerous services felt disjointed and scattered across the site, and their brand wasn’t living up to the quality of their offerings. This left customers unsure what they could come to Rotunda for — or what to look forward to when they arrived.


We worked with Rotunda to create a website that would leave no questions unanswered for a varied audience who are already spoilt for choice in the vibrant King’s Cross area.

Taking a brand from foundations, to flourishing

Rotunda already had an identity in place when they came to us, but expanding on it was essential to truly secure its success in the digital environment. We needed to represent the welcoming, buzzy atmosphere of the restaurant online, giving customers an authentic feel of what they can expect after they book.


With the existing identity as our foundation, we found inspiration in Rotunda’s location, bringing water-based elements and a sunny, welcoming tone into the identity. We also looked to their menu, which boasts crowd-pleasing yet sophisticated classics. Here, we connected the familiar with the refined.


We created ownable elements for the brand that stamped Rotunda’s personality on a fresh, engaging website. A flexible kit of parts means that Rotunda can tone up or down their identity, whether they’re advertising their pre-concert meals or attracting people looking for a boozy summer brunch.

Creating a website that keeps pace with Rotunda’s story

With so much on offer, Rotunda’s website is a real hub for news, updates, and offers. Not only does this speak to the brand’s buzzing atmosphere, it also ensures that they have an evergreen grasp on its audience’s attention.


We built dedicated spaces for Rotunda to post offers, news, and events, which are organised in visually rich collage tiles across the site. This playful touch lets Rotunda’s brand identity speak to the company’s upbeat ambience, and carving out space to tell Rotunda’s ever-evolving story builds deep connections with its audience.

Aside from its rich list of offerings, one of Rotunda’s greatest assets is their own farm in Matfen, Northumberland. It’s here that they source their beef and lamb, and we knew we had to weave this incredible story throughout the website so it would speak to customers whether they were there to quickly scan the menu or dive deep into the farm’s story and Rotunda’s food philosophy.

Attracting an audience with the net cast wide

Search engine optimisation was key if we were going to attract the right customers to each of Rotunda’s offerings. We carried out extensive competitor and keyword analysis to inform our user journey development, which then directly informed the structure of the site.


We presented this new user experience to Rotunda in interactive wireframes allowing Rotunda to explore their site as it took its first shape. An easily navigable site and new structure ensure that their audience can find exactly what they need, whether they are searching for the perfect spot for a sun-soaked brunch or an unforgettable Christmas party.

Of course, a smooth booking experience is essential for Rotunda, and we needed to keep all the benefits of its existing booking management system and visually bring them into sync with the new site. To get this, we customised the Collins Design My Night booking API and integrated it into the site. Customers have constant access to the intuitive and unobtrusive booking tab, meaning securing a spot at Rotunda is as simple as can be.


What results is an engaging, upbeat identity that offers a seamless path through the brand’s story, offerings, and customer journey.

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