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Building a hub for Orkney’s young people

The Growing Up in Orkney website was designed and built to deliver key resources to Orkney’s young people, a wide range of people with diverse experiences. We built the site around one unifying factor between all of Orkney’s residents: their vibrant lives around the islands. The site’s visual identity celebrated the textures of the outdoors with a youthful, energetic colour palette. With such a vast amount of information to house on a single site, the structure and user experience was carefully considered right from the start.

Representing life through illustration

Illustration was central to the Growing Up in Orkney website. We captured life on all the islands, not just the mainland, resulting in a sweeping illustration that featured elements from all seven islands, bringing in the little details to represent the rich fabric of life on the Orkney Islands.

This illustration style was used in icons for each of the key areas of the website, clearly defining sections for children, teenagers, young adults, parents and carers, and professionals.

Launching with anticipation

The site launch attracted local press coverage celebrating the important role it will play in the lives of Orkney’s residents, and was met with excitement by Orkney locals. The website is designed to grow as the needs of residents develop, and it is already a much-valued resource that pulls together a huge pool of local and national services to support and enrich every young person’s upbringing on the islands.

A professional, friendly and flexible approach to website design, with an immediate and thorough understanding of our requirements, led to the design of an superb website which has received unqualified praise from its users.

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