Interview with Margaux Marshall on why bad SEO could be harming your brand

We chat with Margaux Marshall, the founder and managing director of MGX Digital, about why bad SEO could be harming your brand.

How do you see the relationship between SEO and branding?

Merging branding and SEO becomes a powerhouse as opposed to doing them in silo. If you have a great brand and great branding, but you’re not doing SEO, then you’re really lacking something in your brand awareness aspect of it. But if you’re only doing SEO and you’ve not got the branding to support it, then you might lose some conversions and your traffic might be lost.

What would be your top three tips for brands embarking on an SEO content strategy?

The first of all is to clarify who your target customer is. You need to get that customer at the forefront of your decisions. Don’t think about what you feel like writing about today. It should be, what’s your customer going through today?

And then from there do some keyword research. What you write about is specific and related to keywords that there’s volume to as well. You might want to sort of get the right balance between traffic-specific content and helping your users.

And then the third part is creating the content. Giving information for free and being open with that information is another way to show expertise and instil trust and then get that conversion. Showing examples, case studies, quotes, and all of that helps in the content creation for you to have a successful article.

As more and more people are turning to AI for help with content creation how do you see this affects the landscape of search?

How AI is going to change the SEO world is that we’re not just going to be looking at SEO in terms of optimising for Google, but also how we start optimising for these algorithms, these AI tools.

We’ve noticed a really big trend of people telling us that they’re using it for searching for things, because obviously if it can sweep a huge amount of information and can give you the top line, it’s fantastic for streamlining down your time and spend on things.

Watch the video here.

A big thank you to Margaux Marshall for contributing to our series of interviews with industry experts.


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