Discover, Escape, and Immerse: Reading and Listening for a Memorable Summer

Finding new sources of inspiration can be tough, especially with jam-packed summer agendas. With this in mind, our studio has put together a list of captivating books and engaging podcasts to ignite your creativity this season.

TAT*: Inspirational Graphic Ephemera

Lose yourself in the rich history of packaging and design with Andy Altmann’s ultimate graphic collection. This definitive text is a testament to the diversity of modern design and is full of everything from sweet wrappers to soap powder boxes and bus tickets. 

The Story of Art Without Men 

By challenging historical narratives and shedding light on overlooked artistic gems, Katy Hessel’s groundbreaking work opens readers’ eyes to a rich tapestry of female creativity. This is an essential read for anyone who hasn’t yet discovered it. 

STACK Magazine Subscription 

This brilliant magazine subscription service offers a diverse selection for all tastes, and on a monthly basis, they deliver unique independent magazines to their subscribers – encouraging readers to uncover the lesser-known treasures of independent publishing.

Square Hole Podcast

The Square Hole podcast unites a diverse group of creative experts to explore neurodiversity within the creative industry. This insightful podcast delves into their wealth of knowledge and personal experiences, covering a wide range of subjects such as diagnosis, education, career guidance, artistic processes, and self-care. 

Untalented Podcast, by Unknown 

On a weekly basis, Unknown unveils a fresh episode of Untalented, an extraordinary and uplifting podcast that amplifies the voices of underrepresented individuals who drive the creative industries. By offering a stage for a diverse array of individuals from various sectors, this podcast offers a wealth of fresh perspectives and captivating thought pieces.

Hopefully, this provides you with plenty of inspiration to kick-start your summer and spark your curiosity. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any recommendations – we love to receive suggestions for reading material!

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