Accelerate your businesses growth

How we can help you

Whether you are a start-up, established business or global brand, we can help you with your rebranding project to inject new life and make your brand truly represent your business aspirations and accelerate growth. Our comprehensive brand transformation program will give you the tools and resources you need for success. Our program takes between four months to one year for maximum impact and includes personalised training for your internal marketing team or external marketing agency.

What does a rebranding project involve?

It doesn’t need to be a full overhaul of your brand, it can be developing your existing elements. Our brand consultants start by defining your brand strategy and positioning to create a cohesive visual and verbal identity and roll out your identity across different touchpoints. From a new name, tagline, and new logo to your web design and social media, we'll create a cohesive branding system to make you stand out.

The Results

Attract more of your ideal customers

Attract the perfect customers that align with your brand's purpose and positioning. They will increase your chances of selling your product or service and be willing to pay a premium, ensuring a loyal and long-term relationship. Audience personas allow you to effectively tailor your messaging to target your ideal customer.

Make the competition irrelevant

Rebranding can help you to make an impact and clearly define your unique competitive advantage, so both your customers and employees understand why your brand is superior.

Close sales more easily and quickly

A strong brand, with a unique value proposition and powerful story, gives your sales team the edge and know how they need to drive your products and services. By putting your narrative at the centre, you’ll create a unified, engaging brand that demands impact and appeals to your target audience.

Attract and retain top talent

By building a strong employer brand, you can make sure your brand values and purpose are seen, understood and resonate with candidates and employees, helping you to attract and retain people who are truly aligned with your company.

Command a premium price

Rebranding is a powerful tool to redefine the worth of your products in customers' minds and increase your prices. Research confirms that strong brands are more profitable, yield greater equity, and command higher prices. It's a smart way to maximise your return on investment.

Increase the value of the business

Investing in rebranding will boost brand loyalty and positively impact customer behaviour and brand perception while driving financial impact. It can attract investors and when it comes time to sell your business, your brand will be a valuable asset.

Reduce marketing costs

A successful rebrand will have the power to amplify your marketing efforts, transforming them into a cohesive, unified force. And, with the help of brand guidelines and templates that arise from the rebranding process, you'll save time and effort spent on brand design.

When is the right time to rebrand?

If you feel your branding is no longer fresh, relevant, and true to your current vision, it's time to make a change. Or, if you've been through a merger, shifted your business strategy, or a no longer competitive in your market, you need to revisit your brand identity to ensure future success.

What is included

+ Stakeholder engagement
+ Brand positioning
+ Brand name
+ Visual identity
+ Tone of voice
+ Brand messaging
+ Brand guidelines
+ Accessibility guidance

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