Brand audit

Make positive steps to drive your brand’s growth

How we can help you

As your business expands, staying true to your points of differentiation is essential to keep your brand strong and memorable. Doing a brand audit provides an opportunity to take a step back and assess all facets of your brand. It's a great way to improve both your external and internal branding, keeping your business on the cutting edge. Our consultancy engagement gets to the heart of what's working and what's not, using frameworks and tools to create a roadmap tailored to your needs. Our process takes six weeks for audits and up to one year for a brand transformation, we'll provide the necessary training, coaching, and brand management to ensure your business is set up for success.

What does a brand audit involve?

Our brand audit research and insight report give you an in-depth look at your existing brand and how the different brand elements (everything from your logo to your typography) are represented across all marketing channels, from social media to email marketing. We dig deep to deliver the best insights and metrics - reviewing the market, sector, and external and internal factors - and conduct an in-depth competitor analysis, online and offline, to see how you measure up. We’ll get the inside scoop, too, engaging with stakeholders and your target audience via interviews, surveys and reviewing online testimonials.

The Results

A clear action plan for your business

This comprehensive report will offer a clear plan to strengthen your brand positioning and create differentiation in the market. We provide practical steps, and opportunities to capitalise on, and highlight your strengths to ensure your brand stands out and you can take it to the next level.

Valuable insights into your market

Our research and insights report gives you a clear and comprehensive view of the landscape. Giving you the competitive advantage to reposition your current brand, restructure your marketing strategies, improve user experience and adapt your brand identity accordingly.

Areas for improvements identified

Brand consistency is essential in to increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty. By conducting an extensive analysis of your brand, we can pinpoint your strong points and key areas for growth. From refining your brand's personality and brand values to creating a new brand name, brand guidelines or crafting your content marketing.

Understanding your brands perception and customer’s needs

Getting to know your audience is the key to success. We undertake market and SEO research, and stakeholder interviews, to gain a crystal clear picture of what motivates, drives, and excites your target customers. We explore decision-making processes, what draws them to you, and what turns them off. Once armed with this knowledge, you can sell your services and products more effectively.

Leverage key trends for your brand

Our strategists use trend analysis software to identify macro, micro and niche trends that will be pivotal to your business. Allowing you to build your team’s knowledge and gain expertise in these areas to ensure you can meet your customer’s future needs.

Successfully implement change

It's essential to have internal buy-in and adoption for your brand to thrive. By weaving any changes in strategy or your visual identity into a change management plan we ensure everyone knows why it’s happening, where you're headed, and the benefits it will bring to employees and your target audience.

When is the right time?

A brand audit is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. Don't let a merger or acquisition leave you behind - stay on top of your brand perception and ensure you're communicating your message clearly and consistently. Make sure to review your brand as part of a brand refresh or at least once a year to guarantee you're driving growth and staying one step ahead of the competition

What is included

+ Current brand performance
+ Competitor analysis
+ Market landscape
+ Stakeholders interviews
+ Internal survey
+ SEO audit and keyword research
+ Areas for opportunities
+ Trends to leverage
+ Recommendations for improvements

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