A more sustainable Christmas

It's not just about the giving, our team have come up with their favourite ways to make their festivities more sustainable.

1. Try tree-free! There are more and more card suppliers that are creating tree-free cards. Materials like sugar cane, hemp, coconut or bamboo fibres.

2. Go on a foraging trip to find materials for a wreath making session. We like to get creative and make our own decorations, how about using natural, biodegradable materials this Christmas. Bonus of getting together with people to share the creativity at the end.

3. Write your own recipe cards / mini book. We love a good cookbook, but maybe every so often, trying a more personal approach to the classic gift would be nice.

4. Eco-friendly activities as experience gifts. Think beekeeping or foraging, seasonal cooking classes or a class on repairing clothes. How about recycled paper workshop or learning how to make natural dyes.

5. Donate to a charity as a gift. Donating to a charity can be a great gift alternative, there are so many great causes. We always donate to BookTrust each Christmas.

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