A Brand Launch That Sets Equine Fitters Council on a Galloping New Course

Establishing the Equine Fitters Council as a leading authority for equine fitters with a fresh new brand.

Whether they are raising standards, promoting education, encouraging professional practices within the industry or engaging a diverse audience with different perspectives, Equine Fitters Council are industry leaders who strive to foster harmony between horses and humans. 

As part of our work to create a strong brand for the council and directory website, we held a strategy workshop exploring the heart of their brand and identifying their brand proposition. 

Our branding promotes the Equine Fitters Council as an expert body in all things equine. By combining a contemporary typeface with a motif pulled from traditional bits and bridals, our logo celebrates the Council’s connection to horses while establishing them as authoritative, modern leaders. 

To establish a unique identity for the council’s primary product, the directory, we crafted a logo that maintains visual cohesion while being distinctly representative. Our logo showcases a horse and rider in a straddle position, paying homage to the enduring connection between these two entities.

A sleek, contemporary website design showcases everything they offer – from searchable directory listings to educational materials – and cements their position as trustworthy, knowledgeable pioneers. 

Our newly developed website for Equine Fitters Council’s creates a centralised platform where individuals can effortlessly discover and compare proficient equine professionals. Serving as a pivotal resource, it plays a significant role in enhancing the standard of equine fitting throughout the United Kingdom and we are thrilled to have played a key role in propelling this exceptional brand in a galloping new direction! 

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