Strategy, branding and a new website for a wine merchants

Slurp approached Studio Noel to reposition their brand and to make it in-line with their aspirations for the company.

We led a brand strategy workshop with the staff, conducted interviews, a competitor review and a review of the brand to date. This highlighted Slurp's expertise and knowledge within the industry and informed the new strategy and positioning we put in place along with the new direction for the branding, tone of voice and website.

We delivered:
+ Brand strategy and visual identity
+ Interior consultation and signage design
+ Website design
+ Printed collateral

Studionoel Slurpbranding Logodesign 02 24 24
Studionoel Slurpbranding Signagedesign 02
Studio Noel Slurp 14
Studionoel Slurpbranding Uniformdesign 01
Studio Noel Slurp 16
Studio Noel Slurp 15
Studio Noel Slurp 1
Studionoel Slurpbranding Websitedesign 01
Studio Noel Slurp 5
Studio Noel Slurp 3
Studionoel Slurpbranding Christmascampaign 02