Counting down to Net Zero

Net Zero is the UK’s target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, which is widely considered to be the upper threshold for avoiding the worst impacts of global warming. We were approached to design the branding and website for Carbon Countdown, an organisation highlighting the urgency of the climate crisis and encouraging industry to become part of the solution.

B2B: Strategy + Branding + Digital + Design

Communicating a sense of urgency

Net Zero needs action now, and to capture this urgency, we designed a countdown clock that ticks off the seconds left until 2050. The bold logo design is animated to reflect the relentless ticking of the timer, and the increasing urgency of the challenge.

Highlighting everyone’s efforts

Our website design heroes the timer, but also gathers together insights, news, and thought pieces from across many industries. By shining a light on how different companies are working towards achieving Net Zero, the site aims not only to illustrate the urgency of the climate crisis, but also inspire companies to get involved in making positive change happen.

Extending our logo into a visual toolkit

We developed a visual toolkit for the brand, inspired by the timer and featuring bold counter styled graphics. The toolkit also includes a suite of bespoke icons, inspired by the two halves of the counter design, and designed to illustrate the various industries involved in the race against time to reach the Net Zero target.

It’s been a great journey working with Studio Noel on our branding and strategy. The team has exceeded our expectations and supported us throughout every stage of the process. The result of this partnership will help us to drive change.


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