Top brands that offer repair and reuse services

Reducing climate change and our impact on the environment is one of the most compelling reasons to adopt a more sustainable approach. Here’s a list of top brands who are building sustainability into their product lifecycle to help tackle the increasing waste going to landfill.

1. Toast. Toast offer a repair service that brings new life to your worn Toast garments. From offering invisible mending, darning and patching to appliqué and visibly mending techniques like sashiko. They bring new life to much loved pieces and also offer a host of repairs and visible mending events for customers on their website.

2. Huit Denim. Huit have brought back the denim manufacturing business to Cardigan, Wales. They offer free repairs for life, encouraging their customers to get the maximum life out of their jeans rather than to throw them away and buy a new pair of jeans. They also have a no wash club where they actively promote washing your jeans less to save on water.

3. Ikea. Furniture brand Ikea have a buyback and resell scheme to help with the millions of pieces of furniture that go to waste every year. They’ll buy your second hand Ikea furniture and give you store credit in return.

4. Wild. Wild is a refillable natural deodorant company with a mission to end bathroom throwaway culture. Their products benefit from no waste with unique plastic-free, compostable refills and are naturally vegan. Not only that, every time you buy from them they will plant a tree as they work in partnership with Onamission.

5. Boden. Clothing brand Boden have a ‘take back’ scheme where they take your old Boden clothes and donate them to charities like the National Police Aid convoy and Scope. They have a care, repair, rewear service where you send off damaged Boden clothes and they’ll repair them for free (within the guarantee) or a small fee if they’re over a year old.

If you need help incorporating sustainability into your brand, drop us a line.

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