In our studio we make sure that everyone feels like they can speak up and share their thoughts and ideas, and so naturally we've become pretty good at speaking ourselves. Whether that's conferences, webinars or workshops we want to inspire others through the topics we love most.

Michelle Noel - Strategy Director, Founder

Talk to me about business growth, brand strategy and design

Since founding Studio Noel, Michelle has enabled established businesses, global enterprises and charitable organisations to exceed their expectations of success through strategic positioning and memorable branding. Leading her team of experts, she has executed over 40+


Michelle has spoken about the growth of Studio Noel and the brands she has helped, with business leaders across the country. Always with a keen focus on how business and brand strategy intersect and how they influence design work.

Lana Zoppi - Design Director

Talk to me about branding, accessibility, visual trends, and mentoring in design

Over her 10+ years in design Lana has developed a deep knowledge of the strategic design process. With a passion for working with businesses, getting to the heart of who they are and how branding and strategy can help them succeed.


Lana is truly dedicated to developing the talents of young designers and building strong mentoring relationships. She has been a mentor with Arts Emergency for the past four years helping more young people get into creative careers.


In collaboration with Michelle she leads the studio’s commitment to increasing awareness and implementation of accessible design. Running workshops and webinars, educating teams of designers and wider teams on accessibility and brand design.

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