Interior Book Design: The Ramadan Cookbook

We were commissioned to help design The Ramadan Cookbook: 80 delicious recipes perfect for Ramadan, Eid and celebrating throughout the year by Ebury Press for much-loved food blogger Anisa Karolia.

In collaboration with Ebury Press’ in-house team, we designed the internal book pages for this ideal Ramadan companion. Created for families, the book takes into account the fuss-free, family-oriented style of its author; food blogger Anisa Karolia.

Incorporating the rich colours typically associated with the holy month with contemporary geometric shapes, our design captures the spirit of Ramadan by combining the traditional and contemporary.

Practical guides highlight certain techniques – such as how to fold Samosas – while more decorative spot illustrations celebrate food’s communal and nourishing nature. 

Combining colourful, appetising food images with a sleek, classic typeface, we pay homage to Ramadan’s rich history.

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