An evening at Kew for the launch of Get Plants

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew have to be one of the country’s most stunning horticultural locations. We’ve been thrilled to visit often over the past year as we’ve worked on Get Plants, a book the team there commissioned us to design.

We were back again last night for a garden party to celebrate its launch; against the backdrop of the setting sun we sipped champagne and listened to gardening expert Richard Barley give a talk.


Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting over 50,000 living plants in its botanical collections. The Gardens have one of the world’s most diverse collections of plants, from exotic fruit trees, succulents, otherworldly tropical plants, and more humble flowers seen throughout nature walks and gardens all over the UK.


We were commissioned to design a new book for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, called Get Plants: how to bring green into your life. Featuring stunning photography by Sarah Cuttle, our book design aimed to inspire younger people to invite plants into their homes. We used eye-catching typefaces, a serene green and blue colour palette, and bold feature images to really show off the stunning plants and flowers in fascinating and exquisite detail.


Katherine Price, authored the book, bringing in the expert advice offered from Kew’s very own gardeners and scientists, fully equipping even the most inexperienced plant lover with the best advice out there. She highlights the niches in everyone’s home that are perfect for nurturing plants, showing that anyone can begin to collect and grow a huge range of exciting and beautiful plants.


We loved working so closely with Katherine Price, Sarah Cuttle and of course, Kew Gardens, to produce this fabulous piece of work, and the book launch rounded off the project with a picture-perfect evening in one of our favourite settings.

Get Plants in the Kew Gardens shop

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