Five Personal Brand Experts: How They’ve Made Their Marks

Personal branding is all about how someone presents themselves to the world. Their unique personality, skills, experiences, behaviour, and identity are branded in a way that encourages people to connect with them.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, establishing a distinct and defined personal brand is key to success. Our influencer-centric culture and the ever-evolving job market make it both helpful and necessary to stand out when applying for jobs, starting a business or looking to connect with like-minded individuals. 

It can be difficult to know where to start, and if you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of five personal brand experts who excel at sharing their stories and connecting with their audience. 

Let’s take a closer look at what they get right.


Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is well known in the world of creative branding, because she has built a fantastic personal brand. It is no secret that Jessica, founder of &Walsh, is extremely active on social media. Take a look at her Instagram and you’ll get an idea of what she’s all about. In addition to her love of design and bright colours, Jessica is dedicated to doing the right thing. As the founder of Let’s Talk About Mental Health and Ladies, Wine and Design, a nonprofit organisation that runs free events, talks and portfolio reviews for women and nonbinary individuals, her Instagram account is filled with political and social activism. 

As a personal brand worth following, she shares helpful information, tutorials, and the work of other creatives on her Twitter feed, providing valuable advice and influence to her followers. By showing her face, she connects with her audience in a really simple way, personalising her online activity and making her feel knowable and relatable.


Marie Kondo

Few people are as renowned in the world of personal branding as Marie Kondo. During lockdown, she became famous with her Netflix series ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ and ‘Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo.’ 

Since then, her name has become synonymous with minimalism and keeping your home clean. Because of her powerful personal brand, people don’t hesitate to say they are ‘Marie Kondoing’ their houses – her brand is just that successful.

Her popularity has allowed her to expand her online business, selling lifestyle products that she promises will ‘spark joy’ for customers. She remains humble and willing to help others despite her fame – just adding to her appeal!


Karamo Brown

As a cast member on Netflix’s Queer Eye, Karamo Brown has built his personal brand on being unapologetic, open, and authentic. Rather than seeing vulnerability as a weakness, he sees it as a strength. His approachability and willingness to engage with people from all walks of life are disarming, and he successfully wins over the hearts of those he meets; the same can be said about his social media presence.

He has established his brand around genuine, uplifting exchanges by regularly publishing empowering content and appearing on shows like Dear White People and The Thing about Harry. His own talk show, Karamo, provides people with the opportunity to speak freely, be vulnerable, and discuss personal issues. In addition, his latest venture, Mantl, advocates acceptance and pride of baldness through a premium personal-care line. 

Karamo’s branding is so successful because of his authenticity. As a result of his refusal to be anything other than who he is, he has built a strong foundation for trust.


The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has his own production company, YouTube channel, lifestyle brand, millions of social media followers, and is currently working on countless blockbuster movies. What isn’t he doing?

Millions of fans around the world relate to his honesty, humour, authenticity, and approachability across social media. Through his various social media accounts, he consistently provides quality, engaging content as the cornerstone of his brand.

On Instagram, he shares behind-the-scenes photos of his work, tributes to his daughters and mother, as well as cute dog pictures. The combination of this with thoughtful captions that truly seem genuine has had a huge impact on his audience.


Jonathan Van Ness

Another example of a person who knows what they’re doing is Jonathan Van Ness, a well-known Emmy-nominated TV personality best known for his role in Queer Eye.

As the creator of JVN hair, they use Instagram to establish themselves as an authority on hair products, skin care, and tips. Regularly posting helpful guides and playful content, they both educate and uplift their viewers, making them want to visit again and again!

A podcast that educates through conservation, ‘Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness’ is dedicated to exploring challenging topics. As part of their campaign to raise awareness for the causes they support, they also regularly share relevant articles, podcasts, images, and campaigns that interest their followers.


You must work hard to create consistent, unique content if you want to build a strong personal brand. Drop us a line to discuss how we can help.

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