Exploring The Jungle Garden

We worked with Filbert Press to design expert horticulturist, Philip Oostenbrink’s new book – The Jungle Garden. Oostenbrink – who was previously head gardener at Canterbury cathedral – has poured his passion for exotic foliage and flowers into this book, and his unique planting style celebrates the nuances of nature in a way that is sustainable – and beautiful.

The Jungle Garden is the perfect next step for houseplant lovers who are ready to embark on their own jungle adventure. A masterclass in enthusing planting knowledge, it recommends the best hardy, foliage plants for texture, leaf shape and colour – for whatever growing space you have to work with.

We created a contemporary book with minimal designs, muted colours, and naturalistic images – design assets which represent the book’s – and the plant’s – shapes, textures, and colours.

Type is crucial to establishing a book’s tone, and we carefully chose a typeface that embalms Oostenbrink’s softly spoken confidence and mirrors the organic shapes and subtleties found in jungle gardens.

To bring to life Osstenbrink’s imaginative gardening style, we commissioned photographer Sarah Cuttle to capture the passion and beauty on display. Paired with our naturalistic designs and pop-out text, it adds a rich and vibrant effect that matches the content.

It’s available to buy online, so if you’re on the lookout for comprehensive exotic gardening guide – this is the manual for you! It really is a treat for the senses.

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